California’s Energy Future is Right Below the Surface

In recent years, oil and natural gas exploration in the United States has skyrocketed with the advent of hydraulic fracturing. This technological revolution has released previously locked deposits which up until now could not be reached by traditional methods of extraction.

From the Bakken shale deposits in North Dakota to the Eagle Ford shale deposits of Texas, America’s energy boom has made the United States less dependent on foreign oil and created economic growth and thousands of high-paying jobs.

California policymakers in Sacramento have gone in the opposite direction and tried to ban hydraulic fracturing and are planning to get rid of all fossil fuels in the not too distant future. While this is being done, California’s dependence on imported oil has increased to an unsustainable 74%. 

The answer to this problem could be right underneath the surface of California in our oil and gas reservoirs.  We have a long proud history of applying new technologies to producing oil and gas in California.

California was founded during the Gold Rush of 1849 as people came from around the world to try and strike it rich. While most didn’t succeed, the people who came helped develop the state’s other riches, such as fertile land for farming to help feed the world and vast forest for timber to build a growing nation. They also drilled for oil and gas to power homes and vehicles.

By unleashing the new technologies that have enabled America to become energy independent on the rich deposits of oil and natural gas that are right under their feet, California can set off another economic boom the likes of which the state has never seen before.

California’s energy security and future are right beneath the surface if anyone cares to look.