Leading the World to a Greener Future

Californians are steering toward a greener future by establishing renewable energy goals and significant emissions reductions. As a result, the state has increased renewable energy production by more than three times over the past 20 years. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced to below the levels found in 1990. 

California continues to strive for more as we move toward a carbon-free world. California companies are implementing the best available control technology to capture harmful emissions and reduce pollution. They are also working with biofuels, fuel cells, and other technologies to continue to strive toward a carbon-neutral era.

Now it’s time for other states and, more importantly, other countries to do the same. California continues to receive gas and oil from foreign countries that are doing little to nothing for climate change. For example, one of the largest exporters of oil to California is Saudi Arabia, where there are very few pollution restrictions, resulting in the Saudi Arabian cities of Jeddah and Riyad being named as two of the most polluted places in the world. Since 1990, overall greenhouse gas emissions have more than tripled in the country.   

California cannot continue to blaze a trail toward a cleaner future and then proceed to reward bad environmental behavior. The rest of the world needs to follow suit, or California should become more self-reliant.