Protecting Employees, Communities & the Environment

The energy industry operates under the most stringent and comprehensive government regulations and industry business standards. In California, the industry is overseen and regulated by more than a dozen federal, state, regional, and local agencies.

While it’s true that human error results in well-publicized and unfortunate incidents, the industry as a whole maintains an exemplary safety record that only continues to improve. In addition to government regulations, refiners operate under aggressive, self-imposed safety measures designed to provide maximum protection to communities where they operate, their workers, and our environment. Together with extensive training of the workforce, the use of certified safety equipment, ongoing safety reviews, frequent inspections, emergency response plans, and transparency with local communities, and state and federal governments – safety for all continues to improve.

The energy industry’s record speaks for itself. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the energy sector is one of the safest industrial sectors in the country, with fewer worker injuries than sectors like education, retail sales, and financial services.

The energy industry considers safety its top priority and is committed to developing the technologies, standards and best practices, and programs needed to help ensure that workplace safety and environmental safeguarding is at the forefront of all industry activities.