It has been more than 140 days since our nation screeched to a halt, disrupting our everyday routines, from driving to work and dropping off kids at school to going grocery shopping and dining carefree at a restaurant. In the last few months many have stayed home, working from the safety and security of their house or apartment, with the luxury of virtual meetings and ordering the delivery of necessities like food, medicine and of course, toilet paper.

However, these necessities don’t just magically appear. There are many people that are keeping the wheels turning on the supply chain to make sure food is getting from the farm to your table, critical prescriptions are being fulfilled and promptly delivered to your door step, and that there is plenty of paper goods stocked on the shelves of your local store. We owe a debt of gratitude to the farmers that continue to grow and supply food for us, the warehouse workers fulfilling our orders in fulfillment centers across the nation, and the delivery drivers that transport these critical goods to our cities, towns and even our doorstep. To those essential workers, thank you. 

But, it’s not just the farmers, the warehouse workers and the delivery drivers that deserve our gratitude, it’s also the people behind those essential workers: the men and women in California’s oil fields, refineries, and power plants. 

These workers are critical to making sure we keep the literal and the proverbial ‘lights on.’ We want to thank all of the workers who ensure we have gas in the tanks for the delivery drivers and power to keep us moving forward to a better tomorrow. 

Thank you!